How To: Do abdominal crunches on an exercise ball for a great abs workout

Do abdominal crunches on an exercise ball for a great abs workout

Exercise is a very important for everyone on a daily basis. Our society has evolved into a life of work, work and work. The majority of these jobs are sitting at a desk in some sort of cubicle. Humans are not built for this purpose; we are made to be active every single day. Thus, we must incorporate exercise in one way or another during our 14-16 hours of wake time. And this instructional video will show you a great exercise— how to do an abs crunch on an exercise ball.

Step 1: Carefully sit down on the exercise ball (Swiss ball). Slowly roll onto the ball letting your spine follow its curve. make sure your back and head are in a comfortable position. Position your feet hip-distance apart. Place your arms across your chest.

Step 2: Contract the abdominal muscles until the top of your pelvis meets the bottom of your ribs.

Disclaimer: Youth Health Alliance are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur from people emulating what is seen in this video. Please take responsibility and care by only exercising to your specific limits.

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