How To: Exercise your abdominal muscles with hanging knee raises

Exercise your abdominal muscles with hanging knee raises

What's a great way to work out your abdominal muscles without hurting (or possibly injuring) your back? Hanging knee raises are perfect, because they isolate and work out the rectus abdominis muscles and obliques with little or no strain on the back and neck. It requires a vertical knee raise tower as the equipment.

Step 1: Rest your arms on both sides of the padding and have a neutral grip on the handles. Now transfer all your weight onto your arms, hanging in midair.

Step 2: Contract your lower abdominal muscles to pull your hips and legs up towards your chest. Bend at your knees and try to get them close as possible to your chest.

Step 3: Hold this position and slowly release to starting position and repeat.

Disclaimer: Youth Health Alliance are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur from people emulating what is seen in this video. Please take responsibility and care by only exercising to your specific limits.

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