How To: Do Gravitron wide grip drop set pull ups

Do Gravitron wide grip drop set pull ups

Learn how to do Gravitron wide grip drop set pull ups. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

The Gravitron machine is excellent for pull-ups because it provides you with the support to do your pull-ups while maintaining proper form, allowing you to max out your muscles. The wide-grip pull-ups focus the work on your lats in particular, and the drop sets increase the work for your muscles.

Muscles worked
Lats (triangular muscles on either side of the back)

Starting position
Stand on the platform of a Gravitron machine and set the weight to a difficult weight for you, a weight at which you will max out at approximately six or more reps. Step off of the platform and onto the foot rests, allowing your body weight to bring you down until your arms are fully extended.

1. From the starting position, lift yourself up and do a full pull-up. Keep your posture tall, shoulder blades retracted, and chest up in order to keep the work in your lats throughout.
2. Do a total of at least six reps at this weight, then step back up onto the platform and set the weight to an easier setting.
3. Perform at least four more good repetitions at this lighter weight. Continue past four reps to failure.
4. Change the weight one more time to an easier weight and perform one last set of pull-ups to failure. Be sure to maintain proper form throughout, with your shoulder blades retracted and chest up.

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