How To: Do a seated V hold with twisting medicine ball bounce

Do a seated V hold with twisting medicine ball bounce

Learn how to do seated V holds with twisting medicine ball floor bounces. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

Rather than lifting your legs or shoulders, this abs exercise keeps your center still while you add the weight of a medicine ball and a turning motion to build core strength. The weight of the ball and the motion of lifting it across your body challenge your center as you hold a static position through your abs.

Starting Position
Sit on the floor with a medicine ball held in front of your chest in both hands. Lift your feet off the floor, keeping your legs slightly bent at the knees. Keeping your chest flat, lean back slightly through your shoulders. Only your buttocks will be on the floor, with your legs and shoulders in the air.

1. From the starting position, turn your shoulders to bring the medicine ball around to your right. Bounce the medicine ball off the floor one time, catching it in the air with both hands. Keep your feet off the floor as you do this.
2. After you have caught the ball, bring it back across your center and over to your left side, again turning your shoulders with your arms. Bounce the ball on your left side, again catching it in the air and coming back to center.
3. Continue alternating sides for a set of 30 bounces, keeping your feet off the floor and shoulders only slightly reclined throughout the set.

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