How To: Work your core with medicine ball soccer throws

Work your core with medicine ball soccer throws

Learn how to do medicine ball soccer throws. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

Work toward a World Cup physique by throwing a medicine ball toward the ground, then catching it and bringing it overhead. Your abs support the movement of your shoulders; your upper back sustains the moving weight in your hands.

Starting Position
Grasp a medicine ball in both hands and stand with feet shoulder distance apart and the ball held straight overhead, with arms extended.

1. From the starting position, keep you arms straight as you use a powerful throwing motion to reach forward and down with both arms, throwing the ball at the ground. Use your lats to generate the power for pushing the ball downward.
2. As the ball bounces off the floor, catch it with arms extended, and immediately bring your arms straight up overhead, controlling your upward motion as you return to the starting position.
3. Immediately upon reaching the starting position, once again throw the ball toward the floor to begin the next repetition.

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