How To: Work your chest with medicine ball chest passes

Work your chest with medicine ball chest passes

Learn how to do medicine ball chest passes. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

The medicine ball chest pass allows for dynamic chest work, as you push the ball away in a toss and control its momentum on the catching phase. In this exercise, you progress from a two-hand to a one-handed grip.

Muscles Worked
Chest, Shoulders (rotators), Triceps

Starting Position
Grasp a medicine ball in both hands and stand facing a wall about six feet from the wall, with your feet shoulder distance apart and the ball held at chest level.

1. From the starting position, throw the ball at the wall, pushing it powerfully from the chest as you throw (rather than throwing with your hands).
2. As the ball bounces back to you off the wall, catch it with both hands, allowing your arms to bend back to the starting position with the ball's momentum. Then immediately throw again.
3. Once you are comfortable with the two-hand throw, you can progress to the one-arm toss. Stand at a right angle to the wall, with the ball in the hand further from the wall. Bring your arm around and pivot your body toward the wall. When your upper body is facing the wall, throw the ball at the wall one-handed. As the ball comes back, catch it with both hands and use the momentum of the ball to return you to the starting position, passing the ball again to the outside hand.

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